Placing luminaires

  1. Place a luminaire in the room: Radiance—> Luminaires—> Place Luminaire…

Figure 5. The Luminaires Library dialog box.

  1. The "Luminaires Library" dialog box appears (Figure 5). Select "pendant cone reflector" and click ATTACH

    Upon returning to the AutoCAD Graphic Editor the luminaire should be shown next to the cursor, moving along with it. Find a convenient location for the luminaire and click the mouse. You may rotate and/or scale the luminaire if desired. The "twist angle" specifies the orientation of the output luminance pattern relative to the luminaire housing. You may need to move the luminaire to a more convenient location using the "ortho" mode, after first placing the luminaire at the correct height. Luminaires can also be rotated and mirrored with the usual AutoCAD command. Rotating the luminaire block will cause the luminaire aiming to change. You can inspect the aiming with Radiance—> Luminaire—> Aim Luminaire <select the luminaire>. A red arrow will be displayed showing the direction of the luminaire aiming.

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