Defining a ZONE

A ZONE is a specified region of your model that the simulation is focused on. This current version of Desktop Radiance supports only one Zone per drawing. Defining a Zone helps increase simulation accuracy and provides a set of pre-defined views, like "plan," "elevations," etc., that are easy to access from the interactive rendering program. These will be supported in future versions of Desktop Radiance. A Zone is not required to begin a simulation, but is recommended when the area of interest inside the drawing is less than half of the overall drawing size.

  1. Define a zone: Radiance—> Analysis—> Define Zone

Figure 6. The Zone Properties dialog box.

  1. The "Zone Properties" dialog box appears (Figure 6). Enter the name for this zone such as "Z1" and select Interior or Exterior space. Click OK.
  2. Create a zone equal to the overall size of the room: <select the lower left corner> <select the upper right corner> ¿

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