Desktop Radiance Download version 1.02

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Last Updated 8/14/2000

The password that you will need to extract the installation program is "saveenergy"

Download of this file will take approximately 5 hours on a 28.8 Kbps modem.  Double-click on the "deskrad1.exe" icon to start the installation process.  After clicking the "Setup" button, it will prompt you for the password.

Desktop Radiance Version 1.02 (54.7 MB Self Extracting Archive) -- HTTP


Last Updated 8/14/2000

A good way to get started with Desktop Radiance is to print the Installation Instructions and follow this guide for successful installation of the software. You may also benefit by going through the Quick-start Tutorial to get familiar with the basic features of Desktop Radiance. The README file contains a list of new features and bug fixes since the beta and 1.0 releases.  The User Manual provides a comprehensive look at each of the Desktop Radiance features.  For a look "under the hood" of Desktop Radiance and to learn how to create skylights, blinds, and custom luminaires, the Desktop Radiance Overview is an excellent resource.  All of these files are included in the main download archive above, on the help page of the web site, and on the CD-ROM. 

README (7.71 kb text)

Installation Guide (6 Kb PDF)

Quickstart Tutorial (442Kb PDF)

Desktop Radiance 1.02 User Manual  (3.29MB PDF)

Desktop Radiance Overview  (4.14 MB PDF)


Patches for Desktop Radiance 1.02, Last Updated 2/5/2001

If you have experienced any of the errors listed below, please install the upgraded version of the DRGLOBAL.DLL. This file should go into the main installation directory for Desktop Radiance, usually C:\Program Files\Desktop Radiance.
The error messages include:

"[2] drglobal.dll::getOurRegistryValue() Fails: ::RegQueryValueEx()
failed when trying to detemine how long the data in the value,DARDPATH.
was, return value was 2"

"drglobal::Initlnstance():Could not get DRADPATH value from registry."

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